This morning our quartet is practicing for a concert we are giving tonight and then again tomorrow afternoon. In it we are singing a song entitled: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away. I think I’ve written about this song before. Our lead wants me to give a short introduction to the song since it tells “my story”. In times past I’ve accentuated the fact that Jesus takes our broken lives and reshapes them into a vessel the songs calls–A vessel of honor…. As I’ve been pondering with God what He wants said tonight and tomorrow I sense Him wanting the vessel of honor highlighted.

When God makes us a new creation by giving our lives to Jesus and we continue to surrender to Him one can begin to see that honorable vessel appearing. We don’t often see it in ourselves, but we can easily see this process when we observe it in others. What I do see for myself is not what is seen on the exterior, but what is felt on the inside. Gratitude is probably the best word I can grasp this morning describing this inside feeling. Gratitude that I know not to any longer hide a story of God’s miraculous love and restoration, but gratitude that what God remade is a tool in God’s Hands giving hope to them as God is remaking them.

God doesn’t just remake a vessel, but He does so making it even more useful than it ever had been before. Only our God of Love and Compassion with great purpose in mind does such miracles.

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