Last night I was planning to go to a Celebrate Recovery program I found was taking place here in Montana where I am. However, by the time I had gotten back to my room to change it had already begun and was 30 minutes into their night. I was a little disappointed, but from the reason I am here to support the schools, I was glad the day took the amount of time it did. We were able to address some important issues and build the start of a plan for working through them.

Something I’ve been wrestling with within my mind is that biblical counseling is for every need one might have. Even though I’ve spent my life reading the bible since I started college in 1968, I’ve found verses which I thought should help, such as I Corinthians 10:13, but it didn’t help me when I was in high school and didn’t help me until much more recently. So, I am beginning to understand that counseling is more about helping one take the promise of scripture/s and unravel the roadblock/s. Of course, many of my roadblocks were found in unbelief and my own belief about my value to God. These were identified and even addressed in counseling, but not brought to believing the opposite which I finally began to find through the 3-R’s and the 3-S’s: Recognize, Reject, Replace/Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Self-Appreciation.

God is so faithful and loving. He just doesn’t quit or give up until we find His Purpose. This is something I want to understand more fully as I pursue this new endeavor so I can help others find this truth for themselves.

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