What a whirlwind of a weekend! Coming back from my work with the Montana district to a weekend packed with activity has left me spinning. I asked Jesus this morning what He wanted me to know for today as I was journaling and He reminded me that even though there is much going on, I don’t need to feel as though I’m in charge of it. My role is to be present and do my part. He has done His part and will be doing His part as each day comes. As I write this I am reminded of His message from yesterday and that is to be obedient coupled with belief.

I have never realized until now how much I have focused my life on obedience with doubt rather than true belief. I’ve suspected what I was doing was God-led but I’ve always wondered when the sledge hammer would come crashing down revealing the “true person” I am. Well, those days are now behind me. I am beginning to learn what obedience with belief is like. The best part so far is the removal of worry/anxiety. God is not wanting me doubting His leadership. I am to move forward with pure belief and trust. I’m so glad to be entering into this new area of learning!

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