Yesterday when I asked God what He wanted me to know for the day He told me to relax and let Him take the lead. I’ve heard this message many times and am more committed to doing this now than ever before. I had received a package in the mail from the director of the consulting I do saying to open it today. That usually means today was going to be a training day and I had it on my calendar for tomorrow. I did open the box last night to see that it was to be today. I thought maybe it was a typo so I text my director only to find I’d not had it on my calendar correctly. I had to notify the principal at 9:00 last night that I’d be coming Wednesday rather than today. All of this turned out fine. This morning I thanked God for being my eyes so I could see what I would have truly messed up otherwise. God is far more interested in the details of our lives than I’ve ever given Him credit for.

Letting go of my old habits of thinking I have to be the manager of details in my life is not easy, God, however, is truly patient with me and each of us as we continue to be molded more and more into the image of His Son who is obedient and believes!

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