Yesterday was a powerful day starting with the awakening given to me during my devotional time. This morning has been no different. In my bible reading of John 11, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. In the 25th verse Jesus tells Martha, Lazarus’ sister, that she didn’t need to wait until Resurrection Day for Lazarus to be healed for Jesus is the Resurrection–He is Life Eternal. There is a footnote accompanying this passage which reads, “Resurrection is superior to life, for life can be defeated and ended. But resurrection overcomes. Life is the power to exist, but, resurrection is the power to conquer all, even death itself. Believers must learn to live in Christ our Life, but also, Christ our Resurrection to conquer all thing.”

As I was reading all of this I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to realize just how much Jesus has resurrected life for me bringing His healing Light into the darkness of my past. This being done not just to heal me but doing this so that I can be a Light-bearer for Him. Human life is the power to exist as is stated in the quote above. This is the life Satan can torment, but, the Resurrection Life is the life which has conquered this torment and I am learning this well. I stand amazed in the presence of this JESUS we so fortunately get to serve!

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