God is truly wanting me to face this chasm I mentioned yesterday that is within me–this chasm of unbelief. I could say, this demon who wants to take control of my life causing me to step away from the steps of belief which are before me. When I faced the times in my past I wrote about yesterday, I encountered this same demon. When I asked Jesus this morning what He wanted me to know from Him for today, He said it was time for me to recognize that His Holy Spirit is very desirous for me to let Him fill this chasm with Truth, Belief, Trust, Confidence and more!

As I write this I know to apply the 3-R’s: recognize this demon, reject him in the name of Jesus and replace him with The Holy Spirit’s Presence which He is simply waiting for me to recognize and do. Jesus went on to show me I can then apply the 3-S’s: self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. Each day of this recent journey brings me a step closer to the reality of actually counseling someone who struggles and doing it being called a counselor. I can’t begin to write here how grateful I am that Jesus trusts me to do this. I have invited the Holy Spirit into this chasm of mine this morning applying the 3-R’s and believing the 3-S’s. I am one most humble and grateful for our Lord and Savior and His most Precious Gift–The Holy Spirit.

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