IT’S EASTER! JESUS HAS RISEN INDEED! Today’s scripture reading for me was John 12. In this chapter Jesus tells his followers about the grain of wheat that falls into the ground and dies. When this happens it sprouts and produces a great harvest of wheat–all because one grain died. I’ve read this many, many times in my life and knew it meant that we should die to ourselves so Jesus could live through us. Our lives would become a testimony to Him. The footnote to this verse said something I’d not thought about. It reads, “The one grain is Jesus Christ, who will within days be offered as the sacrifice for sin on Calvary’s cross. He will drop into the ground as a grain of wheat and bring forth a great harvest….” I suppose many had already figured this out, but not me. As I read this I stopped to realize the millions upon millions of believers across the world who are worshipping Jesus Christ. Truly, this Jesus we serve, IS the SAVIOR of our world. I too want to be another seed that dies so a harvest can follow.

Resurrection power is released when we give thanks to God! (A footnote quote from The Passion). Lets give THANKS today to GOD our Father for giving us HIS SON!

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