Yesterday was a powerful day celebrating Easter at church and with our family and friends later in the day. Something that was also special for me, which was a little unexpected, was the work I got done. On Saturday, the day I spent much of it at the hospital with my grandson, I was going to get some yard work done which needed to be done that day. I only got a small portion of it completed that afternoon. So, when I was having my devotions yesterday morning I asked God for help with this. I’m leaving Wednesday morning early for the Texas conference regarding the counseling program we are starting at church. I’m with schools today and tomorrow and the nights are also filled so I have no time these two days to get anything done outside. When I asked God for help as I was journaling, He simply reminded me of the ox in the ditch. I told Him it was Easter Sunday! He just reminded me that man makes this a big deal, He had already done HIS BIG DEAL a couple thousand years ago. So, yesterday, once I got home from church, I was able to complete all of the work I needed to do and still had a couple hours of relaxation before the family celebration began.

These details which are important only to me are also important to God. I too often forget this, but yesterday God reminded me once again that He loves helping us even on His Most Special Day!

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