The day has come–arrived. I leave in less than an hour for the airport. I remember telling Jesus last night when I got into bed that it would be nice to sleep without interruption until this early morning hour. The next thing I knew I awoke 10 minutes before my alarm was to go off. There is no detail in living for which God is not interested.

I need to reflect for a moment this morning. Back in my 20’s I was asked to be part of our pastoral staff by the pastor of our church. I knew I could never be part of such a group–I would be found not only as unworthy of such an honor, but ones would find out just how dirty this man is. I wouldn’t then be able to volunteer, let alone be part of a church staff. Now, almost 50 years later, steps are being taken so I can spend my work time fully devoted to God’s Kingdom work at our church. It is with such gratitude I receive this gift of service.

Am I nervous–yes, I would lie if I didn’t say so. Yet, my confidence in God has grown exponentially as I’ve been taking these recent steps. There are no doors for me to open. My role has been to walk through doors that are already open. It has been totally my needing to open my mind and spirit to The Holy Spirit within me–TRUSTING. How much I cherish being part of this TEAM!

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