Today I awoke much too early. For the next 1.5 hours I fitfully tried to sleep, and did somewhat, only to have wicked dreams occurring. Once I knew my coffee had brewed I got up and began my devotions. As I began to journal I told God just how nervous I am about leaving tomorrow to attend the conference for the counseling training. When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, He simply reminded me that obedience to Him doesn’t remove anxiety and stress from man, but He offers the opportunity to give it all to Him and simply TRUST.

Following my journaling I opened my devotional and could hardly believe what I was reading. The title for today is, “The Time For Change Has Come.” The second paragraph reads: “The changes that are upon you will demand that you trust me more. In the stretching of your faith, you will find me as never before. Get ready for the kingdom of joy to come, even while dark shadows linger over your circumstances. Leap for joy, for in that leap of faith, you will find my presence. Faith rejoices and subdues doubt and fear. Watch new miracles flow through the seasons of joy that I bring.”

God has made this change so abundantly clear and He continues to remind me to have Faith and to Trust. I take each step with Faith and Trust at the helm. If I even try to take a step without this Faith and Trust the anxiety screams. I can actually use this indicator to know to step back and get behind Faith and Trust. I never want to take another step without them.

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