The journey of yesterday was a fabulous time to realize I was in the right place at the right time. I met some remarkably good people and heard the messages I needed to hear. I wrote and wrote reminding me of the days when I was young in education and couldn’t write fast enough to glean all that I thought I needed to know for tomorrow’s work. I am in that same mindset while here.

In the later afternoon, the breakout sessions began. I was looking for the map of this gigantic church so I could find where to go when I looked up and there were the very directions on the wall for the room. Once again I thanked God for the details He provides for this one who is directionally challenged! I wasn’t sure which track I should attend because all of them seemed pertinent. I chose the session on PTSD because I have always wondered where God fits into this mysterious struggle I’ve had and so many others have who come to Celebrate Recovery. How does God use His Word to heal what one cannot describe or find buried so deeply within? I have found great victory, but it still seems mysterious. I’d have to write another book to explain all I began to glean, but what I want to share here is one simple point–write a psalm to God.

Writing a psalm to God was spoken by two different speakers. I use to dislike the Psalms thinking all they did was give light to “feeling sorry for oneself”. I needed to be bigger than my problems and I needed to understand more fully that I just didn’t know God well and hadn’t done enough to be worthy of His attention. Well, at 3:30 this morning I wrote the first half of a very lengthy psalm to God. It is starting as a lament but I know it will end with victory because I am victorious today and gaining more ground with each day. This God of ours is truly THE ABBA FATHER!

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