I ended yesterday’s entry with “Abba Father”. As I was journaling this morning I was recalling the first time I remember hearing this name for our God. In our lay terms, it was referenced as “daddy”. I was in my 30s when I heard this and I recall at the time that it was a belittling term for God, I thought. God was much bigger and much more powerful than a simple–daddy.

These past couple of days has awakened in me and shown me the powerful, loving side of God which puts the fullness of daddy in our God. I had no idea 40 years ago that my reference to God was so dependent upon my own father’s influence. This God we serve is a loving, caring, healing, intimate Father who has given us His Son and His Holy Spirit to lead us into the fullness of His Glory! What I’ve known in my head I am experiencing much more fully in my heart. I didn’t come to this conference thinking I’d walk away with this awakening, but it is another gift of God He wanted me to have and share with those He brings to the counseling room.

Today will wrap up the conference and I’ll fly home this evening. I do so with an assurance that my Abba Father is leading completely. Even my devotional reading this morning said that when God opens the door, man cannot shut it. I see very clearly how God is doing so with this new ministry. What a humble honor to be part of this work with Abba Father.

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