It was so nice to get home yesterday. I had 3 grandsons at our house when I got here and their family ate dinner with us last night which was an added bonus. There was a good deal of watering to do outside for all of the garden areas, but that got done too. Today I head back into the realities of home. It is a different reality as I come to the end of my time with the years of educational involvement. I asked Jesus to lead this time so I don’t lose sight of ending this year with a full commitment as I am stepping into this new area of biblical counsel.

I marvel at the Jesus I know today compared to the Jesus I thought I knew not so many years ago. The truth of scripture is just as real for me personally as it is for each and every one of God’s created beings. There is no comfort like the comfort of knowing and believing that everything God has said in His Word is true for you (me). I’ve lived a long time with this yearning and now I yearn no more–the TRUTH has come out in brilliant LIGHT. What an AMAZING GOD I get to serve with each and every believer.

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