A hiccup occurred yesterday as I was to come home. My flight from Dallas to Denver was delayed so my arrival to Denver was when I was to arrive in Boise–10:30 pm. I finally got to a hotel room at 11:30 pm so I could spend the night and I will catch my plane home this morning at 11:15 am. I was supposed to be at church this morning at 8:00 for the worship team and choir practice. These things bother me when I can’t complete assignments I’ve committed to doing. I contacted our director so she would know, but that doesn’t remove the guilt.

In my devotional this morning I was surprised to read this: “Life is busy enough without you feeling pressured with religious duties. Despite what any man may tell you, I don’t need you to perform for me. I don’t need you to behave just right, dress just so, or wear a mask to cover your emotions or personality. I love you completely, just the way you are. Life with me is not a life of bondage and duty.”

Jesus is truly AMAZING! It seems as though He had this devotional written to coincide with every detail of my life this year of 2022. I am reminded over and over just how much He cares for every detail in my (our) life. I love Him!

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