I have never been good at juggling major assignments. I am quite singular focused so when I have the work of the schools to finish in these last weeks ahead, yet I have all of the info regarding the start of the counseling program running through my mind, I find myself in a whirlwind. This is exactly where I am this morning–caught in the middle of it. I don’t want to lose a single thought provided through the conference last week and I fret I will if I don’t keep focused on it. Yet, as I go to each school during the week I don’t want to let them think I’m anything but committed to their success.

As I give all of this “whirlwind” to Jesus, He simply reminds me to take the day and give it to Him. He is the real leader, not me. When I try to keep both projects in the forefront of my mind I completely lose sight of the One I am to keep there–Jesus. He is the very One who knows what I’m to do this day so trusting Him with all of this, I let go of this entanglement and give it to Jesus. It is amazing what Jesus does with stress once we recognize our humanness and see His Strength. How many times I have to relearn this process of surrender!

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