I am convinced it is no coincidence that I’m reading the devotional I am along with the Passion Bible at the same time. Both are written by the same author and inspired by the same author–God Almighty. Each day the messages coincide with great inspiration and clarity for living the day and being prepared for the coming days.

I’m into the birth of The Holy Spirit infilling the disciples and empowering them to do what Jesus commanded them to do. Also, this infilling completes Christ’s promises to them as to why He needed to leave so The Holy Spirit’s empowerment could do just what He has begun to do with them. Today as I was reading my devotional it says: “Many are searching for what I’ve given you. Take this gift and bring it to those who are near. See each person through my eyes of compassion. show mercy as I have shown you mercy. Never allow the sin of others to stir judgment within you….”

It has taken a long time for God to help me understand who I am to Him and to believe it. I’m truly not done with this yet either. But, what I am done with is giving in to the lies of Satan about the Power and Might of The Holy Spirit God has given to me. The judgment of others’ sins has been something troubling to me all through my life. Yet, I love and appreciate the command to never allow the sin of others to stir judgment. Instead, I am to share the mercy just as God has shared His mercy with me. I want to do this well for Him.

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