I have a grandson graduating from high school in a few weeks along with a granddaughter. She is in Oklahoma and the grandson lives locally. He has not had a fatherly influence most of his life. When he was very young, 3ish, he asked if he could call me dad? That innate desire within kids is strong. I’ve often pondered how God works with children differently than with adults? It seems the authority over kids stems to their parents, but what happens when this isn’t the case for them? Grandma and I have tried to be a Godly influence for them, but I’ve wondered even from my own past about this item for children.

This past Friday I took this grandson car shopping. He has enough money for a down payment. He found the car he wanted and we went to a credit union to get the financing. His loan was denied since he had no credit even though I was co-signing and my credit is strong. Saturday morning he was helping me with work in the yard. I was nudged to talk with him while eating breakfast about the power of prayer. I asked if he had asked God for help finding finances and help finding the right job? He said he didn’t pray much. I told how my grandmother taught me the importance of prayer when I was his age and how she modeled it in her daily living. The modeling was also true from my mom but she was very quiet unlike my grandma.

Well, leaving many details out here, yesterday, once school was out, this grandson secured a loan in his name with my co-signature so he now gets his car. Secondly, he was notified that he is being given a job with Home Depot and he goes in tonight to put his work schedule together. As we walked away from the credit union late yesterday afternoon he said, God sure answers prayer! Isn’t God AMAZING!

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