Today is the birthday for my Aunt Billie. There is so much history connected to her and my life. She is the one when I was young and living in California, who would take all of us kids for a day. We would go to the zoo, Disneyland, ocean, or to the park. She would make life fun for a day. My dad didn’t like her and only he could tell you why. Today, when we go to California to visit my family there she is always a part of our visit. She has helped clear my confusion regarding my “worth” to our family. What a gift this lady is! Happy birthday Aunt Billie!

There are only a couple of months left to the consulting work I have been doing with schools. Each day is one filled with reflection and completion of present needs. In my heart I know I’m moving forward into a new area of ministry I’d never dreamed I’d do. God is so AMAZING and so patient as He prepares us for His Kingdom Work. I love this Father God!

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