A good friend of mine left this past weekend to go to his son’s state of residence due to a severe car accident he had. They have asked for prayer for him with multiple concerns. As I was reading my devotional this morning it’s title read: Praise Is Your Key. This is the devotional that each member of our quartet uses and this friend is part of it. I text him wanting him to know today’s message is very much for him and his son. I was going to take a picture of the message and send it to him but he text back and said he had the devotional with him.

It is so easy to praise and thank God for things I’ve written about in the past couple of days. My grandson gets a job of his choice, he finds a car he likes and is able to secure the loan. I easily praise and thank God for His abundant blessings. Then, something critical happens which can jeopardize a person’s life and future–and we praise God? The devotional says in part, “Choose to praise me and offer me songs of love and surrender, especially when the enemy is leaning heavily upon you, and you will rise victorious….”

I don’t know how God uses these times of deep distress, but I am confident He will. It is a test of Trust and Faith, but our God is worth all of it!

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