Yesterday was an interesting day in a couple of ways. I had much I was wanting to get done since this is my last weekend to get the last of the spring gardening/yard work finished. We leave next weekend for Oklahoma for our granddaughter’s graduation. As the day started it was calm so I wanted to spray weeds only to find I didn’t have any spray left for one of the ingredients. I started early in the morning moving all of the plants from the greenhouse to the deck for potting all of the pots. I began to plant until the store opened so I could get the spray I needed. I then sprayed all that was needing attention. I went back to planting pots and had them done in time to shower and head to the college reunion. The rest of the day was primarily occupied with it.

The remarkable part of the day for me was first, getting the pots done in such a short period of time. It usually takes me a day and a half and yesterday I had it done in half a day. In that half a day I’d also gotten the spraying done which took a couple hours of it. I had been dreading seeing all of the college folks only because they really didn’t know “the real me”. This morning as I was journaling God reminded me that all of the classmates are His kids too and He has walked them through their own stories. I should have known this, but it was a nice reminder that we are all human with common temptations and weaknesses.

I go back this morning for a breakfast and a chapel service. I’m singing in the worship team for it. I go this morning celebrating rather than dreading. God really does care about the details of our lives and wants us to know how He fits into every one of the details.

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