Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms! What a glorious creation God made when He created each of you to be the mom’s you are.

Yesterday I mentioned about going back to the reunion. During the chapel 3 of the classmates told glimpses of their lives during these past 50 years. What was incredibly evident from two of them was the work of The Holy Spirit in their lives. In addition to this, a couple we sat with at the two meals talked deeply about The Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. I’ve known I have The Holy Spirit within me but I’ve also disbelieved I could be His tool. God has been doing a great deal of healing for me in this area of belief committing to believe I’m a new creation. This morning as I was journaling I wrote that I wanted to have what these classmates have and what the book of Acts is talking about as I read through it in my bible reading.

I always ask Jesus what He wants me to know for today and this is what I heard Him say: “My son, if you think you are ready for a step outside of My work in your life, you’re again thinking selfishly. I want you thinking openly about My desires for you. The Holy Spirit’s manifestation is so much bigger/immense than a couple of actions man wraps his mind around. The Holy Spirit personalizes God Himself in you. This is My role in preparing you for this next step. Lets get the temple ready for the next step, My son.” I couldn’t help but sit here in awe at God’s Wisdom so far beyond that of man!

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