A month ago we were preparing for a drought year for the farmers and our entire valley. Now, a month later, we have had abundant rain in the valley and snow in the mountains so that we are above 100% snow pack. We are all praising God for this. Then, this morning the frost is hitting. I awoke at 3:30 am to the windmills stirring in the orchards. I got up to check the temperature and it was 33 degrees. I had covered everything last night in preparation but, as I prayed this morning God reminded me to pray for all that He sent the rain for. He didn’t provide the rain so that what it would nourish could be killed by one night’s deadly frost. I went out in the morning cold and asked God to bring His protection to the very crops He sent the rain to grow. God is amazingly GOOD!

Over the weekend someone I cherish shared with me they are having an intense therapy session today. This person has been in denial about a good deal in the past and now they are ready to face it. I so love how God uses His Light to awaken what we want to stay blinded to. Today is the beginning of a new dawning for this person. Praise God!

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