Yesterday was such a nice day. Church was wonderful, I came home and was able to complete the last project for the spring readiness of gardening this season, took a little nap and then all of our family gathered together to celebrate the Moms. What a wonderful time it was.

I keep mentioning in this blog that the details of our lives are of great importance to God. I do this because God is convincing me of this relevance from Him to each of us. Throughout my life I’ve not wanted to bother God with details–just major events. Yet, God has been wanting me all along to let Him enter into every aspect of my life–including what I’ve called minor. I’m beginning to see too that He wants entrance into them because what I’ve called minor are often the selfish things I want to do but not sure God is wanting me to do them. These things have been ones like having a big garden, an abundance of flower pots on the deck, big flower beds in the yard, etc. All of these take time from me for which I truly enjoy. I’ve never asked God is He wants me doing them, I’ve always asked if He’d help me get them done hoping He enjoys them like I do.

What I am learning is to TRUST God to lead me in every aspect of my life–little or big. All of my time is His to lead. If He is leading me away from some of “my loves” I know He will give new “loves” in their place. I will do and go where He wants.

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