Last night we had a powerful meeting with our Celebrate Recovery leadership team. A good deal of truth came out of the meeting starting with our ministry leader. He struggles with his worthiness to be this leader. I identify fully with this “feeling” as I’ve struggled with this my entire life. Who of us is worthy? In our humanness, no one; but in our new creation, we all are because of Jesus Christ living in us. This leader said someone recently asked him if he were a “lifer” in CR? His interpretation of this question was that it was a “put-down”. However, for me, it is a calling from God. It is a ministry I personally need and it is one where God continues to work and demonstrate Himself mightily over and over again in the lives of those who come.

God is such an AMAZING GOD. No man takes his weaknesses and makes them into his strengths. God on the other hand, takes all of our human weaknesses and turns them into His Mighty Works as He transforms us and uses this transformation to demonstrate to others what His Power and Might will do as we continue to live daily with Him leading our lives.

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