Today I was to go to a school I work with on a monthly basis. I was hoping it wouldn’t take too much time since Kathy and I are leaving early in the morning to fly to Oklahoma City for our granddaughter’s high school graduation which is next week. I have some last minute gardening things to complete which I didn’t want done until right before we leave. Well, I got a text this morning asking if it would be ok to delay our meeting? I happily agreed so now the day is open–God is so kind and good!

On Wednesday of this week I got a message from my dear college friend who has been my singing partner for 54 years. He wanted to send the message he sent to me to all of our college grads who had attended the reunion last weekend. He felt they needed to know I have a story of God’s redemption and healing. He encouraged them to order one of my autobiographies. The thought took my breath away, but then I never want to step in the way of God’s leading, so, I said, “OK”. Yesterday I received messages from classmates who had already ordered and one who had done it digitally so he was already reading it.

Over and over again I am amazed at God’s kindness. Before the reunion I felt as though it were 50 years earlier and I was in hiding about “who I am”. Some of that went away by simply attending it. However, God wanted more than “some of that ill feeling going away”. He never stops using His Work to encourage someone else. How AMAZING OUR GOD IS!

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