It is quite early in the morning and already God is working. The devotional I’m using was published 4 years ago, but God is using the message today as I read it. Every day He reminds me that the day is His and the details of the day are His also. I don’t need to fret regarding them. He orchestrates if I only let Him do so staying out of His way. What is also amazing is that I get so much more done in a day than I do otherwise.

I had written yesterday that it was a blessing to have the school delaying our meeting until after the trip to Oklahoma today. I had made a list of what I needed to get done and Kathy had a couple things for my list too. Not only did I get all of the list completed, God interwove into the day a visit from a dear friend, a time with one of the Celebrate Recovery men who is struggling, and a surprise trip to my grandson’s first day of employment where he now works. I would have never thought all of this would be in a day, but God already knew and there was no stress in any of it. How I love our God!

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