I’ve always loved coming to Oklahoma where our kids live. Each time I’m here I think I could live here. There are so many connections we’ve made over the years through our kids and their church. It would be like a second home and family already in place. I “think” I would struggle with the clay soil and trying to garden in it, but who knows???

I was able yesterday afternoon to talk with my son-in-law regarding the counseling program we’re beginning at our church. He is a Ph.D. counseling psychologist so I wanted his impression. He is aware of biblical counseling he said, he just hasn’t had any first-hand experience with it. It was interesting to me that his question regarding it was the same as the retired counselor at home who is going to work with me to get it started. The question is, “How well do the two approaches respect one another?” This was never directly addressed at the conference I attended, but what I did notice was that the majority of the presenters were Ph.D. or Masters’s level psychologists or counselors. They never disrespected one approach over another. The bigger picture centered around making God the great Healer, rather than a “man’s way. We don’t disrespect God using man’s medical work and we don’t disrespect God’s using man’s counseling work. Man should never think his work is ever anything more than a tool in the Hands of God.

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