Yesterday my oldest grandson turned 25. Without telling the story, my mom said when he was born that God would likely use him to glorify our family. He is truly doing just that. He is in the air force and is completing his training in dismantling bombs. There is a name for this which escapes me as I write this. He just found out that when he finishes the first of August, he will be stationed at a missile base in California. He is pleased with this for it is right on the ocean and a day’s drive to Idaho. We are very proud of him!

Today is my granddaughter’s graduation here in Oklahoma. She is graduating in a class of well over 600 students and sits in the front row. She is singing the national anthem as a solo for this. She is also a 4-point student. Grandpa has much to be proud of!

More and more God is confirming His calling into this field of counseling. He is doing this by showing me that I am not growing into being a new creation. Instead, He is affirming that I am a new creation who is growing. Just as an apple tree is an apple tree from the time the seed is planted to when it bears its first fruit, a new creation is a new creation from the time Christ enters one’s life. I have never felt so sure about something as God is helping me to be regarding this. Greatly humbled, but very assured.

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