There is an amazing thing about God I never knew or understood in my younger years–His GRACE. I’m sure my handle on it today is only a minor portion of its depth and width, but what I do know today far surpasses what I misunderstood earlier in my life.

There was a point in my life when I hated God knowing He would take my brother to heaven and leave me here to suffer the consequences of his sin to me. What did Grace have to do with this? Grace forgave my brother and took him to heaven when he drowned, but where was Grace for me? Little did I understand that the entrance for Grace began when I started to open up about the secrets I held within. Satan had me believing his lies rather than believing God’s word where we are told to confess one to another (James 5:16).

There is so much about abuse and children that I would like to change and stop. God, on the other hand, gave man free will and abuse sits right in the middle of “free will”. Yes, man has the ability to punish abuse once it is known, but to remove the effects of it on the abused is something only God’s Grace does. Knowing that the poison put into a child by the abuser can one day be used as a medicine for some other victim is a perfect example of GRACE. GRACE removes the stigma of secrets and turns it into a passion to share. WOW, GOD IS AMAZING!

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