It is so good to be here in Oklahoma for this week. It is amazing to watch your grandkids grow into adulthood day by day and moment by moment. The decisions being made and the struggle with living committed to Jesus rather than to self. This is truly a human characteristic that doesn’t fade as life goes on. Even our grandson here has gone through the voice changing. He will be a freshman in high school this next year. It is a joy to come and just be with them for this period of time.

God is amazingly at work everywhere. It is me who gets locked into “my world” thinking God needs to do this or that. Then, I go someplace like Oklahoma to see how much He is working here and to hear folks say God needs to do this or that. We humans do have a narrow focus which God is always broadening to help us see what He sees. Joining Him in this broadening world is forever His goal and mine too. I just need to keep the blinders removed as best as possible.

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