We got home without a hitch. The flights were on time and all is well. Julia’s graduation party was astounding. So many people came which was a wonderful support for her. She will be rooming in college with the daughter of her dad’s roommate when he was in college. It is cute to see them together. Both of them have fabulous voices and into drama. It will be fun to see how God uses this combination as their college years begin.

Later today Kathy and I will be attending the 80th birthday party for a dear friend. Jan is the person who helps those in need in capital letters–HELP. It is a regular occurrence for her to stop along the road, in a parking lot, in the store itself, to give help to someone only she notices is in distress. She listens well to God’s Holy Spirit and is always ready to take the step to offer words of encouragement, finances, a helping hand, a ride, a bed to rest in, whatever one needs at the moment. With all of this no one walks away without hearing that God loves them and wants to call them His. She is amazing!

It is good to be home. I’m feeling just a little rummy at the moment, but God and Folgers will take care of that!

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