The party for our friend was a very touching time. She has been a warrior for God’s Kingdom work for many years. She is also one who is very human and not afraid to laugh at her “humanness”. There was a good deal of this taking place while God was being glorified.

The day ended with a quartet practice. One of our members has a son facing some very difficult days. I won’t go into the details of it, however, our evening ended with a prayer time for this son and his dad. Satan is attempting to do his evil bringing forth what could be truth, but very contrary to Christ’s teachings about Trust and Faith–those Spiritual anchors Satan knows about but wants us to keep them in the mystery realm where there is little to anchor into.

The devotional our quartet is using for this year is presently talking about God’s miracles and mysteries. It is written as though God is talking directly to you. These past few day has focused on scriptures which help describe why we think God is mysterious. In the Spiritual World where Faith and Trust are commonly seen and applied, nothing looks miraculous or mysterious for they are not mysterious there. We can only see this if we disallow ourselves to doubt, and instead, TRUST. I am having my own awakening into this as I live the life of a new creation which is our opportunity to live spiritually while still human.

God uses all of our human crises as lessons and this is one I’m needing to spend a good deal more time. I’m so glad God is a God of Patience!

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