Can you picture with me the following? Here is a man who is filled with the Power of Mercy–The Holy Spirit given to him by Jesus Christ Himself. Secondly, this same man who is filled with the Power of Mercy, also is covered with a Mantle of Holiness. As I began to realize that a mantle is a covering, I better understood the phrase’s meaning. My word–God has filled us with the Power of Mercy and covered us with the Mantle of Holiness!

Not so long ago I would have taken this rather lightly. I would laugh and say something like, “isn’t that a nice thought”. Today, God is pressing in the genuine truth of His Work in me. When He says we are a new creation because of His Gift to us–His Only Son Jesus Christ–He is not kidding and it isn’t just a nice thought. It is genuine.

As I began my bible reading this morning in the Passion Bible, I started the book of Romans. The preface of the book says in part, “When you receive the grace of God by faith, righteousness is birthed within your life.” The key to this line is FAITH. To receive grace and righteousness I must have faith believing it is true and real. This is finally happening for me. The roots of faith are beginning to take hold. It is such a humbling and powerful reality all at the same time. And, it is for me–just like all of this is for you!

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