Today’s devotion has a statement in it which leaves me wondering about its depth of meaning. In part, it reads, “I have not called you to judge with a critical heart, but to love–to treat others with the same respect and honor you would like to be treated with…. Ask for my perspective. Seek my heart for those walking in deception. I long for intercessors who carry both the power of mercy and the mantle of holiness.”

I believe I understand the power of mercy but I do not know the depth of meaning for the bolded phrase–mantle of holiness. If a reader has a grasp on this I’d sure like to hear what you’d have to say.

I know that we are not ever called to judge others. Scripture makes that very clear. I know too that we are to show mercy as mercy is shown to us by God our Father. I am perplexed with this one statement that I know must have significance I’m not grasping. The scripture reference for this devotion is Luke 1: 77-78. As I read it I still don’t find the clarity. Today’s journey is starting with me asking for help which I sense God is wanting me to do.

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