Fifteen years ago this month I retired from a career in education with my local school district. That had been 35 years with 2 of them teaching abroad. The reason for retiring when I did was to give opportunity for consulting in education. This has turned out to be a venture only God could provide. I’ve loved every minute of it. The very thought that I would be stepping into a venture of counseling during these past 50 years would have been dispelled immediately. I’ve often wondered about this profession, but a person like me just wasn’t fit to ever be called a counselor. TOO MUCH BAGGAGE! Only God can take such a person and such a past and turn it into an opportunity of hope.

As I’m wrapping up the 50 year commitment in education I can’t help but be reminded over and over of God’s faithfulness. Romans talks a good deal about Faith and its critical importance to our journey with God. Within faith is found trust and I think the reverse of this is also true. Both of these spiritual characteristics have grown immensely as I’ve been taking the steps into this new venture. God is so AMAZING!

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