This morning’s devotional time has awakened in me something I’ve never thought through before. It comes from reading Romans 5 in The Passion. In this chapter Paul, author, is outlining for us the reader the significance of Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross and His Resurrection. The fact that it is all done out of God’s Grace and Christ’s obedience to His Father has always been clear. What hasn’t been clear to me until this morning is why this Grace is so important for us from the Hand of God.

Adam was God’s first creation of man. Christ was God’s second human creation. Because of Adam’s sin all of us were given sin, not from our choosing, but from Adam’s choice which resulted in death. God sent Christ to correct the consequence of Adam’s choice so if we choose Christ we then have life–eternal life instead of eternal death. Adam chose sin for man, Christ chose forgiveness for a sin we couldn’t correct. Maybe I’m the only one who has not fully grasped the significance of God’s Grace in this. Adam chose sin for me and God’s Grace gave me a choice for correcting Adam’s choice. Only God could correct this original sin done to us and He did it through His second creation of man–Jesus Christ who made obedience to His Father his first and only choice throughout His life here on earth.

I’ve written several times about the sins done to me from the sexual abuse of my brother and my dad’s physical and emotional abuse. I could never dispel these sins for I thought they were mine–those sins were who I was. Satan had me believing these lies. The blinders I’ve had kept me from grasping this huge Gift of Grace from God. Sin does not own me–God does. I don’t go in and out of God’s Grace, I’m always in it! A footnote to Romans 5:14 states: “Death passes to all who are in Adam, life passes to all who are in Christ…God sees every person as in Adam or in Christ.”

God has seen me in Christ since I gave my life to him as a boy. Today I see myself in Christ more clearly than ever before! Thank You so much God, Jesus and Holy Spirit!

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