And just like that 4 years have come to an end. Today I will wrap up the work with the last of the schools here in Idaho. I’ll be headed there in less than an hour. It seemed strange to look at my phone calendar to see that the rest of this week didn’t have any schools on it. It opens now the window so, starting tomorrow, I can fully focus on the counseling. There’s a good deal to get organized so I’m hoping to spend much of this week’s time at our church getting details worked through and getting materials personalized for our church’s new venture. What caused me much anxiety a few months ago has turned into eager expectation–with “eager” sometimes still feeling like “anxiety”. Now, today, I can face the “anxiety sense” and remind myself that God is orchestrating all of this and I get to be the one chosen to enact it (with the help of several others).

But, for today, I ask God to lead this closure. The physical connection will end, but my love for the work of education is as real as ever. Thank you God my Father for 50 years in this worthy profession.

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