This was a first! My wife just asked me if I’d written a blog this morning? I quickly thought back to early this morning realizing I’d gotten side tracked working on the Celebrate Recovery Leadership training lesson for this coming Wednesday. In so doing, I lost track for a moment of the blog. The focus was the same, but the assignment around the focus was very different.

My bible reading was Romans 8. The chapter is called “Living by the Power of the Holy Spirit”. The book of Acts is filled with people being anointed with the Holy Spirit and then the ACTS of the people who were empowered by The Holy Spirit. So, now in Romans I was eager to read this particular chapter and wanted to talk about it with our CR leadership team this coming week when we meet. I’m also reading a book entitled: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit. It is a great read for me. So much about the Holy Spirit is left somewhat unattended by today’s church. Yet, the New Testament is filled with its value to us. Now that I am daily working to live and believe I’m the new creation God made, the empowerment of The Holy Spirit becomes increasingly important.

Writing all of this, I simply say I’m sorry for this late entry. God is working and I truly love Him for this.

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