I’ve said this over and over, but the timing God has put into the devotional and Bible reading is amazing. Later today I have the first counseling session. It is one where I will observe more than participate, but it is the actual start of our counseling. Secondly, in the early afternoon I have a meeting along with a couple others regarding a new project we want to start in our local education world. We are meeting with a funder to see if they would back this project. As I was journaling about this day God was asking me to listen well and watch Him work.

As I began to read my devotional, its message was bold. It is time to open fully my heart to The Holy Spirit. Close the door to the voices of past and learn now to fully trust and obey the nudges/voice of God’s Spirit. After the journaling and this devotional message the Bible message was Paul telling the readers about fully living out the life Jesus Christ has had planned for each one naming the gifts and what they look like when in operation under The Holy Spirit’s leadership.

I couldn’t have had a better–clearer message than this. Wow, our God is AMAZING!

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