I’ve got to pick up today where yesterday’s message left off. Each part of the day I mentioned in yesterday’s blog was as though God had already set the stage–and He had! This first counseling session was amazing. The fellow who came is one I’ve known many years now so he and I were comfortable with one another. The counselor who is modeling is new to him but his closing remarks to her were confirming. “You really make me feel at ease,” he told her. I learned a good deal just from lesson one!

Today as I began my devotions I knew God was wanting me to know more about full surrender. As I journaled I questioned more boldly about what I needed to do to better understand this step? He was amazingly clear–“The times in a day or in a week where those temptations arise for you to gratify yourself need to be addressed with a statement that turns your faith towards Me not towards your strength to push them away. I have wanted to show you what miracles of gratification I have for you once you trust me enough to take this step.” (I tear up just typing this).

As I began my reading of the devotional and Bible, I could see The Holy Spirit pruning those deep rooted desires which I’ve had no handle on for addressing their depth within me until now. The reading went on to say to clothe myself in Jesus Christ which finally made sense. This dirtiness (ugly temptations) within me could never be clothed with the purity of Jesus Christ. However, seeing within my mind/spirit, The Holy Spirit pruning this away brought the next awakening that allowed Him to then dress me in the purity of Jesus. Isn’t this the most beautiful picture?! This is the person (me) who gets to listen, talk, and counsel with those who want to find this same freedom which they, like I, never thought possible for them.

God’s loving persistence and His Grace, coupled with Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are so AMAZING!

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