God is all about relationships and He had created man to be likewise. This message was seen by me several times yesterday as I had my meeting last night with the school superintendent. Throughout my monthly visits here this past year I’ve reminded this man (who is an active follower of God) to step out and talk with his admin team about his vision for the district and each of their schools. He is new to this role and most of his admin team are new to theirs. On my last visit in April I had pressed this message. I was amazed as I listened to him last night and read the work they had done since April. They now have a vision which was built by a team of the staff, they have goals which can be used by teachers to better focus their efforts to teach and accomplish student learning, etc.

In doing this work as a team, the superintendent talked openly about how the relationships had grown with his admin. They have begun to call him with ideas they want to share and he himself is amazed at what has caused this to come around so well. I will be working with each of these building teams today and tomorrow. We will be setting goals which align with the new district ones and will then be used by their staff as they start their new year in the fall.

I knew this was my last trip here, little did I expect to see such accomplishment. This had been my goal but I could hardly see it coming together after my April visit. Yet, here it is–ready to be put in place. It all started by trusting relationships to create what motivates and aligns. Isn’t this exactly what God does for each of us as we give Him the opportunity to lead us each and every day?

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