In a short while I’ll be flying for my last time to Montana completing the work there with the school district. Tonight I’ll meet briefly with the superintendent and then tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll wrap up the work with each of the schools and close out with one last superintendent mtg. This will end the school consulting work. When I return I’ll be free to devote my time completely to the counseling. Only a few months ago I could hardly see myself in this role. But, today, I look forward to this new venture with God. What a privilege He has given to me.

Yesterday’s devotional time played itself out so nicely. I spent an hour and a half with my prayer warrior in the morning. She has been God’s messenger so often for me. It was joyous to share with her God’s most recent awakening as I shared yesterday’s devotional time. It it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even know about this devotional I use and this Bible translation. God has gifted me with this wonderful lady and I praise Him for her.

My day ended with my grandson helping me with a couple of grandpa needs and I was able to help him with a couple of closing assignments he had for school. He graduates next Thursday and wasn’t sure how to complete this particular work. We had it all done and he was and I were most pleased with the day’s work.

What a blessed God we get to serve. Every ounce of living goes back to Him once we get our eyes fixed on the truth of living fully committed to His Holy Spirit’s leadership in our lives.

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