The journey of today starts with a rather rummy head! Yesterday’s closure to the work in Montana ended well. The legs of flight home were good and on time. The weather patterns we flew through did allow for some roller coaster experiences, but I sort of enjoy them. This morning however, getting to bed at 1:00 am, has me knowing I may be done with 50 years of educational service, but I best wait a day to let my head clear before stepping into the next leg of life.

I do need to say that what I sense most of all is gratitude. When my educational years began in 1972 I was a very young man in hiding. No one knew I was hiding except for me. Satan had me in a tight grip of fear and shame. I look at what God has done “one day at a time, one moment at a time, taking hardship and turning it into a pathway to peace” (excerpt from The Serenity Prayer) and just shake my head. How God takes a path of hiding and turns it into a path of LIGHT and service is just one of His Mighty Miracles. I love Him for this!

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