Well, if I thought I was rummy yesterday, it was just because I hadn’t experienced this morning yet. Yesterday was a beautiful day, the weather being perfect. I got yard work done in the morning, ran grandkids around in the early afternoon for their appointments and ended the day getting my lawn mowed and grass clippings delivered to our kid’s goats. By 8:45 last night I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I went to bed. I sure wasn’t expecting to sleep 10 hours, but I did. I can’t remember when I’ve slept that long.

Today is my 2nd grandson’s graduation. He has been my buddy since birth. He is the one who was a childhood cowboy. Every year I’d take him to the local rodeo where his eyes wouldn’t leave the arena and the events taking place in it. When he was about 10, he told me when he was older he would take me to the rodeo rather than me always taking him. He said, “I will pay for everything just like you do.” Well, today he graduates. He is a gift.

I found it interesting that today’s devotional message was–to be Kind. Kindness is one of the Fruits of God’s Spirit. I am overly focused in my mind trying to get myself equipped for the counseling next step. Yet, God is wanting me to not forget to first live in His Spirit and reflect His Spirit’s leading. Kindness has been at the forefront of God’s Work all along. I don’t want to step ahead of it either, but to live within it so I too reflect it.

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