As I begin today I want to call it the start of the new journey. Yes, it is a continuation of my life’s journey, but it is also the first time I’ve started something new committed to believing and knowing it is a “new creation” who is doing it. All through my years in education’s employment I was one in hiding. Through the past 15 years of consulting and working with recovery ministries I’ve grown through the time of hiding into full disclosure–but, I was still owned (I thought) by the debt of sin done to me and that which I’d done. Today, as I begin this week, with only the counseling before me, I go into it knowing the past no longer owns me. It is my past. The memories of it are used for ministry purposes. I am still the person I was and have been, but I know a freedom promised to me I’ve not known before.

As I awoke this morning and even as I went to bed last night I was sensing a responsibility far beyond my capability to accomplish. Getting a counseling program up and running and equipping myself to “be a counselor”? What in the world was I thinking saying yes to this? This type of thinking has been part of me for as long as I’ve lived. I realize now it is not connected to anything other than my human makeup. I committed it to Jesus last night and I’ve done so again this morning.

My devotional’s message today read the following in part: “Take my promises today and possess all that I give to you. The promises I gave to Joshua are promises that I give to you. Step out in faith and put your feet upon my promises. Claim them as your own. Do not be timid or shrink back when you are surrounded by your giants, but see your giants as opportunities for my power and might to win your battles. Many see the giants and hide in fear, but I have called you to hide in me and my promises….”

SO, Here we go!

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