Happy Father’s Day! I love the quiet of the mornings. I hear the birds outside and see the beginning of the sun’s morning light. This makes Father’s Day start with a smile. After all of the prep for my grandson’s party yesterday, and enjoying the day with him and all who came, I’m greatly enjoying this morning’s solitude for a short while. The details God reminded me yesterday to give to Him were all in place. Why I don’t remember this ahead of time is another one of those human flaws.

Our God is Amazing. I use this word often, I know. However, it is the first one that comes to mind when I write about God. As I was journaling this morning earlier I wished Him a Happy Father’s Day, however, I addressed it to my Abba Father–He is everything powerful, but yet, He is Daddy too in love and compassion. How grateful I am to be one of His kids.

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