God never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday’s trip to western Oregon went so smoothly that I wonder why I’ve waited so long to make it? Timing is everything when following God’s lead so I know that we are here at the right time and the smooth trip is simply God’s gift of travel. Yesterday already began God’s Light being shared with me by my brother-in-law regarding an immense amount of detail I want to be able to carry home with me regarding the process of Christian, biblical counseling. We had several hours to begin conversations regarding the work he is already doing and connecting it to the training he has taken which is what I am now taking online.

My devotional message this morning confirms all over again that God has created this trip as an assignment for learning. Its message reads in part: “…The unveiling of mysteries will be seen in the coming days as you continue to walk with me. These are the days when I will pour out heaven on the earth and shake all that must be shaken so that you will come before me with the purest of faith. Stay close to me, and I will reveal my might and power in your life.” This message coincides with the scripture reading of I Corinthians 12 where Paul outlines the Spiritual Gifts. These gifts are the power of The Holy Spirit. I’ve known this for many years but I am only just beginning to see the power of this knowledge coming to life as I live each new day. God is growing my faith and confidence as each day comes. How I love our Father God!

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