I’ve written many times this year thus far that reading the bible through using the Passion translation has been a huge blessing for me. At this particular time in my life, God is growing in me the depth of meaning for being a new creation. Reading through the bible this time seems as though the words are alive with new meaning and purpose. This morning I read the Love chapter, I Corinthians 13. I’ve read it through countless times, but never have I read it with such clarity which this translation brings out. I have always appreciated the emphasis Paul gives to love in this chapter. But, in this translation the translators are able to give a depth of meaning to love I’ve not seen before.

In one footnote the translators give some clarity to the scripture I want to quote here. It comes with vs. 13. It states: “Faith and hope both spring from love, which makes love the greatest virtue of all. Faith and hope are temporary, but love is eternal. Paul gives us ten characteristics of divine love which are: 1. Love is patient under stress, 2. Love is kind at all times, 3. Love is generous, not envious, 4. Love is humble, not self-promoting, 5. Love is never rude, 6. Love does not manipulate by using shame, 7. Love is not irritable or easily offended, 8. Love celebrates honesty, 9. Love does not focus on what is flawed, 10. Love is loyal to the end.

I have never thought that faith and hope are characteristics for human use and will not be needed once we pass through death into eternity. God provided for us these gifts of mercy until we will no longer need them. By living with mature faith and hope while in the flesh, we can better live in the fullness of love Paul is outlining so well for us. I have much growing to do now being a new creation. Yet, having a deeper understanding makes all of this so much more joyful.

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