What a trip! The time yesterday morning with the biblical counseling program folks was superb. They answered everyone of my questions and added insight when I asked them to tell me what I needed to know which I hadn’t asked about. I loved their solid foundation, yet the personal touch their process has to accommodate each one who comes seeking help. This trip has provided the insights I’d hoped to find and along with this, the confidence to move forward knowing God is fully in charge. There is a good deal to continue to process, but I can do so now with blessed assurance.

It is amazing to me the transformation God is making in my life. I have never walked into a new situation in my life with confidence that this will work. I’ve always walked into the new territory with hope that even though it was me walking into it, God would honor the work anyway, in spite of me. Today, for the first time in my life, God is providing for me the confidence that He wants me doing this for Him and I know that because His Holy Spirit is leading each step, I can be at peace. I’ve always started everything new with anxiety and a large measure of fear. Today, I surrender these traits of old me for the blessed assurance that Jesus is in charge and I get to be the one doing this. It just makes me smile with humble thanks!

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