This trip has been so meaningfully worthwhile. I knew it would be profitable to spend time with my brother-in-law, but it has been far richer than I’d expected. Simply talking through different points of counseling and the problems brought to the table have been very insightful. This morning I will go to the church housing the biblical counseling program and spend a few hours with a couple of the leaders. I am truly looking forward to this.

An item I’ve kept in my mind throughout my recovery was brought to the table in talking with my brother-in-law last night. With each of the counselors I’ve spent time with in my recovery, I’ve been told that the struggle with porn will likely always be with me. Because the root cause goes so deeply into my response mechanism I will have to deal with it. I’ve never wanted to accept this as truth for me, yet it has been true for me even today. This morning I journaled about this asking Jesus for His thoughts. He reminded me of yesterday’s message and that is to believe, trust, and have faith. These are ways a new creation deals with the flesh while I live in the flesh.

In my devotional, this morning’s message in part read, “I have no desire for you to walk with the weight of remorse on your shoulders. All I ask is that you offer me your heart again. My only requirement is full surrender–total yielding to my love and forgiveness. I am the God of restoration. I am the Father who loves you just the way you are, the One whose love flows with healing virtue. The areas that have haunted you with regret will become testaments to my grace….”

Today, I believe! I trust! My faith is strong!

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